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Scare Up Some Halloween Thrills with Jurassic World

Thanks to Jurassic World, dinosaurs now roam the earth—and that includes the trick-or-treaters in your neighborhood. Here's how to make your Halloween roar with these awesome Jurassic World-inspired costumes, gear and party ideas.

Feeling "Blue?"

Are you dreaming of a “Blue" Halloween? MATTEL's Jurassic World Chomp 'n Roar Mask and Velociraptor claws will let you become the ferocious yet heroic Velociraptor from the films. Trust us, nobody is going to withhold treats when you show up at their door as Blue with a Jurassic World Trick-or-Treat bag or pail! Clever girl!



Train Like Owen

Animal behaviorist Owen Grady is capable of taming even the most vicious Velociraptors on Isla Nublar. Now you can order a full Owen outfit button-down shirt, a Jurassic World staff vest and pants in regular and deluxe child and adult sizes to tame the dinosaurs in your world. This look wouldn’t be complete without Isla Nublar expert, Claire Dearing, to guide you on your Halloween adventure!

T.rex or Treat

The Tyrannosaurus Rex is not only Jurassic World's most iconic dinosaur and a must for any proper dinosaur stampede, she’s also a perfect costume pick for your entire family! Rubie's Costume Company carries a wide range of T. rex full body costumes and masksfor kids, adults and pets of all sizes. Even infants can dress as T. rex hatchlings, guaranteeing a roar worse than their bite!


Show Off Your Best Indominus rex

Although the Jurassic World movies have taught us that creating genetic hybrids always end badly, we sure do get some amazing Halloween outfits out of them. If you want to mix things up a bit—with some dinosaur DNA—then opt for Jurassic World's viscious Indominus rex, a towering and dangerous blend of T. rexCarnotaurusGiganotosaurus and several other dinosaurs and animal species. Fallen Kingdom's terrifying Indoraptor, an equally aggressive and horrific combination of Velociraptor and Indominus Rex, is also available in both adult and kids' full body costumes and masks. But watch out, she has night vision!



Spare No Expense

Why not dress as Dr. John Hammond and throw an entire Jurassic Park-themed Halloween party and movie marathon at home this Halloween? Set the mood with this full line of must-have Jurassic World party goods emblazoned with the series' most iconic dinosaurs—items include decorations, table covers, paper plates, napkins and party favors (hello, goodie bags!). 

Serve some delicious homemade cookies shaped like prehistoric critters, or pretend to be geneticist Dr. Wu and use an Easter egg kit to create your own colorful "dinosaur eggs." Of course, it's not a Jurassic World party without the dinosaurs, making these oversized, inflatable VelociraptorT. rex, Triceratops and Pteranodon costumes a must.