Dr. Wu feeding Indominus rex a hot dog
Dr. Wu feeding Indominus rex a hot dog

LEGO® Jurassic World™: The Indominus Escape Episode 5 Release

Dr. Wu feeding Indominus rex a hot dog

Claire sets a trap for the hot dog-loving dinosaur and is confident it will work, but she didn’t think about one thing...the huge appetite of the Indominus rex! When the trap goes awry and the Indominus ravages the park brick by brick, Owen springs into action with a plan of his own, but he has to leave Claire in order to do it. Just as the Indominus is starting to get the upper hand, Owen comes back and he’s not alone! With a few new friends by their side, Owen and Claire take on the Indominus rex in the final battle to save the park. But what does Masrani think of Claire’s new attraction? And whatever happened to Dr. Wu...? Watch Episode 5 of Lego®: Jurassic World™ The Indominus Escape now!

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