Claire standing wearing a white dress
Claire standing wearing a white dress
Claire Dearing
Jurassic World Senior Assets Manager

Claire has spent the intervening years campaigning for animal rights, having grown a respect for the living, conscious beings she once only considered entertainment commodities in a theme park.  When she is sought by a humanitarian effort to save the dinosaurs on Isla Nublar, Claire leaps to action with her new colleagues and her unrivaled intel of the former site of Jurassic World.  Happily trading her corporate high heels for work boots, she heads into the action, but uncovers more than she imagined.

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Jurassic World
Claire in white dress outside in wind
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Every time we unveiled a new attraction, attendance has spiked.
Claire Dearing (Jurassic World)
Dinosaur Track

Did You Know?

Claire printed an itinerary for her date with Owen Grady

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