Jurassic World Sequel Justice Smith
Jurassic World Sequel
Casts Justice Smith
Dr. Wu feeding Indominus rex a hot dog.
Part 5 Hot-Dogging It
Jurassic World's Gate
LEGO® The Indominus Escape
New Animated Short. Watch Now!
Dinosaur Track

Did You Know?

Exact dinosaur lifespans are unknown. However, according to scientists, it's possible that some dinosaurs lived for up to 200 years.
Raptor Roars At Children
Jurassic World™: The Exhibition
North American Premiere Opening November 25, 2016
Dinosaur Skull
Owen Grady, arms out, stopping Raptors
Jurassic World Trailer
Chris Pratt with Arms Folded Looking at viewer
Name tag icon
You ever wonder why there was a job opening? Don't turn your back to the cage.
-Owen Grady (Jurassic World)
Indominus Rex Roaring
Jurassic World The Game
Illustrated Tyrannosaurus Rex roaring in rain
Jurassic Park™ Builder
Collect, Hatch, and Evolve more than 130 unique dinosaurs!