Indominus rex chasing LEGO® Owen on motorcycle
Indominus rex chasing LEGO® Owen on motorcycle

LEGO® Jurassic World™: The Indominus Escape Episode 4 Release (BR)

Indominus rex chasing Owen on motorcycle

Claire, Owen, and his raptors are leading the chase after the Indominus and there’s not a moment to lose! Everything is going to according to plan until Claire’s vehicle shatters into a pile of bricks leaving Claire in a very precarious situation and Owen...surfing through the jungle? Owen thinks his raptors will help them, but that doesn't work out as planned. They manage to capture the Indominus but it was suspiciously easy to do, leaving Owen and Claire a little confused. The Indominus isn’t that smart, is it? Watch Episode 4 LEGO®: Jurassic World™  The Indominus Escape now!

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